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Brooklyn, much love.




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Pretend Remix Contest


NEW MUSIC: Tinashe ft. Just Bizarre ~ Pretend (Remix)

Just Bizarre's verse for DJ x Tinashe's Remix Contest of her single "Pretend" which originally featured A$AP Rocky The contest was for $1,000 and multiple shout outs from Tinashe on all her social media accounts. Bizzy unfortunately did not win but check out hiz verse anyway; starts around the 2:20 mark. Aquarius in stores now. 


Who Iz Just Bizarre?


It gets deep..


1 with The Universe


Az I get older, I realize how important it iz to be one with the universe. It's important to go with the flow of things. Sometimes the universe will lay things out right in front of you and you gotta take advantage. Life iz too short not to. At the same time the universe can take things away from you or show you things that are not right for you. Heed the signs, friends cuz the answers are right there. 


Welcome to Blanky's World


Soooo this iz my 1st blog post on Blanky's World the website (Peace to the old SwankyBlanky blogspot page). I'm still tryna figure out how to work and navigate through here; you can just do so much stuff through Hostbaby. Some of the stuff iz fairly simple, others not so much, but overall I like it and this iz a major step in my music career. I just want to make this website the best it can be for all my fans, family, friends, and new supporters. I hope everybody likes it. So click around, listen to some tunes or watch some of my videos, and enjoy yourself. Don't forget to sign up to the email list! Peace yall. ~ Bizzy