The9Elements Presents: "The Whole 9" w/ Just Bizarre an exclusive interview. Check it out here:” - I.G.O.D.


Young Blanka got posted on notable hip hop blog for his smash single "Dance With Me" prod. by CL Subs. Very cool.  BONUS!!! The Hip Hop Headquarters also conducted an in-depth interview with Bizzy. CHECK IT OUT HERE: ” - Awesomenezz

Just Bizarre's music video for "Ready" was picked up by which is a huge accomplishment and milestone in his career. Check it out below. (Fun Fact: You can turn on the Closed Captioning on the video player and read along with the song lyrics)  Get More: Just Bizarre, Ready, Music, More Music Videos

Bizzy Blanka's freestyle video for "Feelin' It" off the Legendary 2 tape hosted by DJ Onpoint was posted on Worldstar and amassed an impressive 40,000+ views in 3 days!! Video can be seen here:” - Worldstar

Bizzy appeared in the Sunday paper of the Pocono Record (19,481 subscribers) for the "40 Under 40" supplement where they highlighted the new leaders of the area, the next generation of movers and shakers to shape the Poconos under the age of 40. People who are making a difference in Monroe and Pike counties, through their commitment to community service, professional excellence and personal growth. Article can be seen here Initial email sent to PR and why Bizzy was chosen: Just Bizarre, I am 22 years old, and I am a local musician who lives in East Stroudsburg, PA. One of the ways I make contributions to the Poconos is by bringing awareness to the underground but ever so rapidly growing Hip Hop scene out here. I've been making music since 14 and I already have 3 mixtapes out which all have been received well by locals all over the Poconos. I love how music gives me a creative and positive way to express myself and my emotions. I've been featured in ESU's newspaper The Stroud Courier and I've performed all over the tri-state area including shows at the Sherman Theater and the Living Room in Stroudsburg. Since then I've branched out and have done a lot more shows back in NJ, but I always represent The Burg everywhere I go because I've made some great friends here and I have so many memories here. My main goals I want to accomplish through my music are to bring ease to peoples' lives through my words, maybe make their day a little more fun, bring some notoriety to the East Stroudsburg music scene (because there's a lot of great undiscovered talent out here) and to inspire and motivate the youth to chase their dreams. I've lived here since 2002 and went to East Stroudsburg North High School and ESU briefly. What I've noticed from growing up out here, the number one complaint that the youth has is that there isn't much to do, especially on the Northside. On the Southside you can walk around, there's Dansbury Park and you're a lot closer to all the shopping (Walmart, Stroud Mall, Main Street etc.) On the Northside, there's no parks like that, and if you don't have a car or money for gas, you're most likely sitting around at home. Mix that with your parents being gone most of the time if they commute to NJ or NY for work everyday (which a lot of families do out here) and that can have a negative effect on a teenager. If I ever became a wealthy musician, I have big plans for my side of town. I plan on building a park similar to Dansbury, a youth center where they can be in a safe environment and exercise, be healthy and have fun, and a professional recording studio for up and coming musicians and bands with reasonable rates. Until then, I continue to preach positivity and prosperity through my music. My rap team Elite Fleet is all about unity and my rap name Just Bizarre is all about being an individual, being creative, and most importantly being comfortable with yourself. The Poconos is already a beautiful place, I'm just trying to take it's entertainment factor to another level.” - Pocono Record

— Pocono Record

Just Bizarre's Legends of The Summer video posted on!! (Over 14,000 views in under a week and counting!!) #LOTS Video can be seen here:” - Worldstar

Legendary producer Ski Beatz (Jay Z - Dead Presidents, Feelin' It, Camp Lo - Luchini, Curren$y, etc.) retweets Just Bizarre's video for "Life Over The Scope" a remix of Curren$y's "Life Under The Scope" track produced by Ski for over 30,000 of his Twitter followers!! Video can be seen here.” - Skibeatz


While his music has a Hip Hop vibe, many songs off Just Bizarre's The View 2 also emulate the sounds of Rock and R&B, contributing to the ambiguous sound that makes his music different from mainstream artists." - In regards to Bizzy's project The View 2 Hosted by The Fleet DJ's (2011)” - Kate Space

— ESU's Stroud Courier (Vol. 90 Issue 2)

  Just Bizarre's video for "Life Over The Scope" off 2010's The View featured on's Unsigned Artists section.” - viewhiphop

Just Bizarre's "Legendary" mixtape has been posted on rapper Noreaga aka N.O.R.E bka P.A.P.I's noteable hip hop website! It was posted in the One Shot! section which is made for up and coming rappers making noise. It was part of One Shot! Pt. 35. In the video section, one can also see the video for "So Appalled" by EFG's own Semi! Very legendary day for the 567SG team.” - 57thAve

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