Who Iz Just Bizarre?

Just Bizarre: The One and Nobody at all. A man of many sides; consisting of different personalities/characters. He's right, He's wrong. Loving but cold hearted. Loved and hated. The Yin and The Yang. So complex yet so simple. Very different and weird; showing people it's ok to be yourself.

Bizzy Blanka: The Monster. The Beast. The Demon. Out of control. Messy hair. Henny sipper, black and mild smoker. Ratchet and irrational. Always in some bullshit mobbin' with the homies. Must keep him caged up. He likes down south crunk and trap music. 

Swanky Blanky: Just a regular cool guy. Fly ass wise guy. You see him mostly swaggin' at parties dubbin' a chick and what not. Very outgoing and stay crackin' jokes. Heavily into fashion. Catch him G-riding with hiz G-Pen. Favorite drink iz corona's with lime. He's up on everything first and decides if he wants to put the masses onto things via social media or not. Very good dancer.

El Capitan aka Cpt. Bizzy: Some say he's a superhero. The pilot of a Spaceship. A visionary. A leader of an intergalactic wave. He's on a mission to save Planet Earth. Part of The Elite Fleet Gang. Hiz movements are unparalleled. Blanky's World iz home. 

Dead Blank: He's dead. A stoned zombie. Slow, stupid, and quiet but rare. Favorite phrase: "What?"

Bizzy Blanket: Very shy. He's a loner. He's a homebody who's always cold so he swags out with hiz blanket hence the name. Rarely goes out, maybe only once our twice every winter. Socially awkward and doesn't get many girls. He's a daydreamer who sits home all day on hiz laptop listening to music. Don't sleep on him though, he's very intelligent with many ideas. Much untapped potential. The government iz onto him..




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